Consultancy Services for Capacity Building for National Capital Region Planning Board

Project Overview

The project aimed toaddress institutional and implementation issues pertaining to accelerating urban infrastructure development in the National Capitol Region and is likely to lead to more investment in water supply, sewerage, solid waste management, and urban mass transport. It is also expected to improve efficiencies in the region. More investment and improved efficiencies will have a positive impact on basic urban services and thus a direct positive impact on the quality of life of the urban poor and on the urban environment. Our services involved;

Technical Assessment: Review and verify preliminary roads and drainage design proposed; Collect all available data, contour maps, details of past schemes and reports; Collect historic rainfall data; data on past incidents of water flooding and loss, etc, for the sample Urban Local Bodies; Survey conditions of pavement and assess adequacy of drainage system for existing roads, and inventory detailed conditions of bridges and other cross drainage structures; Conduct component specific topographical survey and soil investigations on the proposed alignments for collecting information necessary for engineering design

GIS: Prepared a base map of the city for drainage with contours related to a storm water drainage inventory for easy identification of the status of the existing drains, canals and their catchment in a form that can be transferred to a GIS

Capacity Building: Prepare a comprehensive drainage master plan for the Urban Local Body and identify missing links and prioritized program of improvement works; Prepare detailed design and drawing for the roads and bridges proposed for the sample ULBs under the Project.

Consultancy Services for Capacity Building for National Capital Region Planning Board