E- Governance & ICT

Management Information Systems (MIS)

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing large and customized Management Information Systems (MIS) for a variety of applications. Our MIS systems use information technology to capture, transmit, manipulate, store, and retrieve information to facilitate decision making by management at all levels. We have developed and implemented computerised Management Information Systems (MIS) for a variety of applications, including:

•   Monitoring & Evaluation Systems

•   Web-Based Database Management Systems

•   Project Management Information Systems

•   Revenue Billing & Collection

•   Inventory Management Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We have provided GIS integration support to a range of projects for linking spatial and non-spatial data to improve coordination and outcomes of different development interventions in countries across the globe. We have utilized tools like Arc View, Arc Info, and Egomania to develop and execute GIS in many areas including:

•        Revenue (Tax) Mapping – Displaying details of all municipal taxes and charges, like Property Tax, Trade Licenses, and Water charges, etc.

•        Public Infrastructure Mapping – Showing the details of municipal infrastructure like roads, street lights, and public taps, etc.

•        Poverty Mapping – Presenting socio-economic attributes of poor households.

ICT and E-Governance Advisory, Strategy and Policy Development

We have a wealth of experience in working with a broad range of organisations to develop and implement IT strategies. We envisage IT strategy development as the process of formulating a vision of how to incorporate computer technologies into all business processes in ways that maximizes efficiency gains at the best value cost and then developing effective implementation plans. In developing an IT strategy for client organizations, we first create a roadmap that bridges the gap between existing IT systems and processes, and then work on how the vision of the organization wants to use the power of Information Technology in the future.

ICT and E-Governance Support Services

We also provide support services in ICT procurement management, systems requirements specifications, testing, and deployment. We assist in capacity-building, e-tools and e-learning developing databases, websites, as well as business process re-engineering including identifying and studying gaps in the processes of businesses and governments, addressing their change management needs and devising ways to improve them.