Public Financial Management (PFM)

We have worked with national and state government agencies (as well as quasi-state utilities) to build capacity and strengthen financial performance in the following areas;

  • Streamlining of operations and efficiency improvement projects
  • Review of budgeting and expenditure systems
  • Upgrading of financial management information systems
  • Advisory services on fiscal and financial management reform
  • Financial and Accounting Software including Taly, COTS, Oracle, SAP
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Process Improvement:
    1.  Modernization of revenue collection and disbursement systems
    2. Advice on compliance with IMF financial reporting
    3. Preparing GFS and Financial Management Reports
    4. Building unified Chart of Accounts
    5. Cash flow management
    6. Integration of Treasury and Banking systems
    7. Migration to Double Entry Accounting System

Our team of consultants has extensive expertise in this area, including:

Financial Inclusion and Analysis

Access to financial services for micro, small and medium enterprises and the poor has been identified as a key to poverty reduction and growth in developing countries and prompted the development of international and national strategies on financial inclusion as well as the widespread introduction of microfinance programs and products.

Regulatory Policy Design

•   The development of relevant laws and regulations based on international good practice, including in the areas of consumer protection, prudential regulation, and laws relating to the financial infrastructure needed for financial inclusion (such as laws relating to credit bureaus, secured asset registries, and licensing and regulation of financial institutions).

•   The development of global good practice regulatory principles designed to enhance access to financial services.

Financial Institution Products, Services, and Operations

·   Design of supervisory and regulatory structures and related capacity building;

·   Building the capacity of local technical service providers to provide ongoing assistance to microfinance institutions, and developing structures to support these local organizations over time.

·   Design of systems for the transformation of unregulated MFIs to regulated institutions