Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Total Synergy Consulting Private Limited (TSCPL) offers to our CSR clients many compliant programs that create value for companies and beneficiaries. 

·   That the spending under CSR is compliant under the company’s act rules and tax provisions.

·   That the CSR programs are sensibly designed and implemented cost-effectively.

·   The CSR program enhances the company image.

·   That NGO partners who receive CSR funds are reliable and honest.

·   That robust systems exist to monitor and control the use of money and resources.

·   The CSR program creates a mutually beneficial impact for companies and those served.

·   The CSR program is positively engaging for company employees and local stakeholders.

·   The reporting and reviews of the CSR programs are straightforward and comply with the requirements of the companies’ act.

We help our clients

·   Improve Governance of CSR Spending and Programmes 

·   Develop coherent, Well-aligned CSR strategy and programs

·   Build strong institutional and staff capacity

·   Ensure timely and appropriate reviews and audits, Manage Grant systems 

.   Promote sustainability

Improve Governance of CSR Spending and Programmes 

TSCPL can help you establish a CSR board and ensure that its members have the capacity to lead CSR efforts:

·   Train staff leading the company’s CSR effort

·   Link your company with other organizations and NGOs

·   Design and implement E-Governance systems.

·   Implement MIS strategies including setting up data centers, set up and manage websites.

·   Provide the best Information Communication and Technology (ICT) for improved governance.

.   Design and implement Management Information Systems (MIS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Develop coherent, Well-aligned CSR strategy and programs

Successful CSR programmes creates value for companies and beneficiaries by engaging with all stakeholders. TSCPL helps in assisting with programme design and appropriate structure,

Budgeting and resource planning and also assessment of needs/ Field surveys/ baseline surveys.

We specialize in improving the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of social programs for a well performing CSR projects that enhances the company image. TSCPL achieve improved institutional capacity through enabling of technology including web based technology.

We guide clients to plan for environmental sustainability and take up projects for water, waste or energy management, promotion of renewable energy, etc. including projects for the conservation of the environment.

We have worked on various consultancy projects for clients from diverse industries. Our clients include international funding agencies such as; The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, DFID, USAID, UNICEF, etc. We have also worked with many corporates, philanthropic organizations, and social entrepreneurs.