Establishment of a model community-based social enterprise (BnB) in Nobgang village, Punakha.

As a part of the cultural stewardship plan to develop economic resilience of local community in Nobgang village in Punakha district of Bhutan, the TSCPL is supporting the World Bank and the Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites (DCHS), Department of Culture, Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs of Bhutan to establish a model community-based social enterprise. The enterprise will be responsible for managing the upcoming Bed and Breakfast and Restaurant in the village.

An old traditional building in L-shaped structure, locally called the Kabu Tharcham is being restored by the DCHS under the project to be converted into a Bed and Breakfast and Restaurant. The style of the Kabu Tharcham house tells the story of the Nobgang community’s transition from lifestyle of retreatant to agrarian culture.

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the tourism industry worldwide, it is has become necessary to ensure that the social enterprise has a sustainable business apart from the tourism market. Therefore, the enterprise will start up with production of traditional agriculture products such as locally produced chilli pickle/ appetizer, dry persimmon and local rice crackers and snacks.