Using technology to create cities of the future, today

Rethinking cities into dynamic and intelligent spaces

Providing answers to the challenges of an urban century

Optimizing public services and resource utilisation to improve quality of life
To develop and apply a well structured smart city framework


The INTERNATIONAL COURSE ON SMART CITIES is a unique learning experience which aims to provide practitioners, consultants and decision-makers, with deep insights into all components of the smart city and helps them integrate such components into their specific context and work.

Cities around the globe are undertaking “smart” initiatives that result in better services for citizens, a more attractive city for visitors and businesses, a better place to work, and greater cost savings. The course comes at a time when the government of India has committed to building at least 100 new smart cities across the country and donors and civil society recognize the critical need for innovative thinking in India’s urban development.

The two week training workshop is being jointly conducted by Total Synergy Consulting Private Limited (TSCPL) having an experience of more than 20 years of designing and implementing Smart City initiatives; and Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) at University of Erasmus, Rotterdam, Netherlands, one of Europe’s leading academic institution for urban management and housing studies.

Outstanding academics and experienced practitioners in the field of urban development, from India and across the globe, are joining hands to deliver a truly engaging and innovative learning experience for the participants. Applied planning and stakeholder mapping exercises will enable participants to prioritize the issues faced in their cities, work with a systematic method of defining problems, and explain the link between problems, goals, and objectives to develop strategies for tackling these problems. 

First week of the course will be conducted in New Delhi, INDIA, followed by another one week in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS.

ICSC will enable participants to develop and apply a well-structured and actionable Smart City Framework to their own cities, making them more efficient, inclusive and responsive.