Amma Cafe

Women in remote communities face a host of challenges that keep them trapped in poverty.  Generally, these women live in patriarchal societies and have limited financial control and decision making power. With the focus of breaking the cycle of poverty and restoring financial security for women in Nepal, the World Bank is currently funding a women focused initiative in the Greater Lumbini area. Amma Cafe, located in a UNESCO World Heritage site, aims to provide women an avenue to decision making, as well as be a catalyst for women in the region to engage in their own businesses.

Amma Cafe is dedicated to empowering marginalized communities by providing them the opportunity and resources to demonstrate their, as well as women’s across Nepal, ability and capacity to engage in commercial business.. The World Bank will provide the investments to refurbish the building provided by the Lumbini Development Trust, the equipment and basic resources for the cafe. Additionally, the cafe staff will be provided with hospitality as well as culinary training to further develop their capacity to become independent and self-sufficient in all aspects of conducting business at the cafe.

Amma cafe will stand as a beacon to signify the capabilities of women throughout Nepal, the women that not only work, but own the cafe, have committed themselves to assisting women from marginalized communities by deciding to set a portion of their profits aside for the further development of women led enterprises in the region.