Urban & Tourism Sector Development

The rapid growth of cities and increasing burden on infrastructure creates new requirements for effective urban management. TSCPL has extensive experience in working on urban development consulting for the past two decades. The broad areas of service include:

Smart Cities Solutions

TSCPL works on introduction and institutionalization of international best practices and SMART technologies, creating multi-stakeholder platforms for ideas and knowledge sharing and integrated planning to solve urban problems. We have worked with several state governments and urban local bodies across South Asia to plan and develop improved infrastructure and urban service provision such as water supply, sanitation and waste management, transport among others.

Inclusive Growth, Jobs & Poverty Reduction

TSCPL’s vast exposure in numerous sectors has allowed cross-pollination of ideas and solutions as well as use of exemplary practices and innovative solutions coupled with sound knowledge of what works well in a given context. We provide technical support in implementing and managing integrated urban development and governance reform programs. We have also carried out numerous government process reengineering exercises with a view to improving the efficiency and efficacy of government procedures and making these more citizens friendly and improving ease of doing business.­

We help facilitate inclusive growth through Culture and Tourism Development. TSCPL has provided a broad range of tourism development services to governments in Asia with a pro-poor focus, heritage management and environmental conservation. We have supported all dimensions of tourism development from policy reform, destination profiling, strategic planning and management to infrastructure and service delivery and public-private dialogue.

We bring together diverse stakeholder teams to improving the urban design and growth in a more historically sensitive and environmentally resilient manner while addressing the infrastructure and service deficits in the project area, thereby improving its liveability. In the process, we support the development of an entire sub-region, with a special emphasis on improving living conditions and increasing the job opportunities of local communities.

Urban Planning & Development

We have supported the formulation of city development plans, provided key inputs to the prepa­ration and review of master plans, formulated slum upgrading and land zoning guidelines and advised the implementation of a range of urban reforms. We provide assistance to strengthen the financing capacity of urban institutions through investment programs. TSCPL has worked on social and financial inclusion area with a focused on improving people’s access to quality public services, entitlements and benefits especially of women and all other marginalised sections of society.