Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We offer various compliance programs for CSR clients that create value for organisations and beneficiaries. Our CSR programmes ensure that:

·   Spending under CSR is compliant under the Company’s Act rules and tax provisions

·   Designing and implementation is done in a cost-effective manner

·   Robust systems exist to monitor and control the use of money and resources by NGO partners

·   The CSR program creates a positive impact on the community thereby enhancing public image

We help our clients

·   Improve Governance of CSR Spending  

·   Develop Coherent and aligned CSR Strategy and Programs

·   Build Strong Institutional and Staff Capacity

·   Ensure Timely Audits and Manage Grant systems 

.   Promote Sustainability

Improve Governance of CSR Spending  

­TSCPL has helped organisations establish a CSR board and ensure that its members have the capacity to lead CSR efforts. Some of our key initiatives include:

·   Linking the Organisation with Partners and NGOs

·   Designing and Implementing E-Governance Systems

·   MIS Implementations including Setting Up and Managing Data Centres and Websites

·   Training Staff Leading the Organisation’s CSR Efforts

·   Providing Ideal Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Solutions for Governance

.   Designing and Implementing Management Information Systems (MIS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Develop coherent, Well-aligned CSR strategy and programs

Successful CSR programmes create value for organisations and societal beneficiaries by engaging with all stakeholders. TSCPL provides turn-key solutions including assistance with programme strategy, design and structure as well as budgeting, data collections and analysis. We specialize in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of social programs for high performing CSR projects that enhances an organisation’s image. TSCPL helps achieve improved institutional capacity through enabling of technology. We also guide clients to take up projects supporting environmental sustainability like water, waste or energy management, promotion of renewable energy and environmental conservation.

We have worked on various consultancy projects for clients from diverse industries. Our clients include international funding agencies such as; The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, DFID, USAID, UNICEF, etc. We have also worked with many corporates, philanthropic organisations, and social entrepreneurs.