Using technology to create cities of the future, today

Rethinking cities into dynamic and intelligent spaces

Providing answers to the challenges of an urban century

Optimizing public services and resource utilisation to improve quality of life
To develop and apply a well structured smart city framework



By the end of the course, the course participants will be able to:

  • Define the concept of Smart Cities and apply it to solve challenges emerging from rapid urbanization
  • Understand various components of Smart Cities
  • Identify and apply a systematic, strategic planning approach for developing implementation design of Smart Cities
  • Understand the role and relevance of various stakeholders for the development of Smart Cities
  • Identify forms of available public private partnerships and build partnerships as mechanisms for mobilizing private finance



Total Synergy Consulting (TSCPL), an ISO 9001 certified organization and a leader in designing and implementing Smart City initiatives, has conducted a series of successful multi city workshops and training programmes on a range of topics. These trainings were designed for the government as well as the private sector, both on the domestic and international fronts, across nations like the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal amongst others. TSCPL has a diverse set of expertise on E-Governance, MIS, GIS and other sectors.

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam (IHS), one of Europe’s leading academic institution for urban management and housing studies, has a proven track record of teaching high-impact courses.

Working in collaboration, TSCPL and IHS have designed the International Course on Smart Cities (ICSC) an innovative course focusing on the emergence of Smart Cities. The course employs a range of proven and innovative training methodologies. The learning activities will include classroom presentations, interactive sessions, group discussions and assignments, and guest lectures by well known practitioners. Field visits to cutting-edge smart city initiatives in the Netherlands will complement the learning experience.

The first week of the course will be conducted in New Delhi, INDIA, followed by another one week in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS.